January 2018 England Athletics has informed affiliated organisations, including Somerset AA, that new Data Protection Regulations (DPR) were imminent The DPR are related to: -security of electronic data -security of paper data -retention of data -dissemination of data to third parties The County does hold some personal details of athletes (e.g. date of birth, E mail addresses) but no sensitive financial details (e.g. credit card numbers). These details are only held electronically. The County Secretary does not hold data on paper. To conform to the regulations we will: -not send any data to third parties without the individual’s consent. In that respect, the  online entry for the T&F championships will include a checkbox to give permission for the athlete’s details to be sent to the County team manager -those athletes’ details will be held in an encrypted (MS Access) database -athletes who do not enter the T&F championships the following year will have their details erased from the (MS Access) database The County RR championships and XC championships are hosted by other organisations who will be responsible for the appropriate security of the data. ESAA have issued a comprehensive document on the subject, although many of the details are more relevant to Schools’ athletics than AA promotions. To view - click here