Guidance on eligibility of an individual athlete to compete in Somerset Championships or to compete for Somerset. Somerset means the county of Somerset as existing after the local government re-organisation of 1974. Eligibility can be conferred in one of three ways. UKA Competition Rules 2018-2020 Rule 21 S6 1. Birth. Either the athlete was born in Somerset or athlete’s mother was living in Somerset at time of the athlete’s birth. 2. Residence. Continuous bona fide residence in Somerset for nine months immediately prior to the relevant competition. 3. Armed Forces. Service in a unit of HM Forces stationed in Somerset for nine months immediately prior to the relevant competition. Temporary absence on duty does not nullify this qualification. Some specific circumstances may allow deviation from the above as outlined in Rule 21 S6. The Somerset County Athletic Association may at its discretion and on application allow an athlete in term-time residence (but not daytime only attendance) at a school, college or university within Somerset to compete in Somerset championships. This does not apply to inter-county competition. Athletes born within the boundaries of “old” Somerset (prior to 1974 reorganisation) and in areas which subsequently transferred to other authorities such as Avon can count as Somerset post 1974 provided the following applies - they competed in championships of or for “old” Somerset prior to 1974 and have not subsequently competed in championships of or for another county. Note that selection for a Somerset team under point 1 above ensures subsequent eligibility to compete for the County AA even though residential qualifications may have lapsed